Price: $150

Seller: Lue
State: California
City: Richmond
Zip code: 23294
Type: Animals

I have a black and white spotted female that loves to cuddle at night. I hate having to do this because Im so attatched to her. Her name is Svedka amd Im absolutely in love with her but I just moved into a new apartment with my sister and she already has a cat, we thought it wouldnt be a problem but the cats fight all the time. We've tried seperating them but her cat will scratch at whatever room we put Svedka in.  My sister has had her cat longer than Ive had mine, so by default I have to be the one to part with mine. I want her to go to a good home that can give her alot of love and attention. She is a bit skittish so I cant imagine she'd be good for a huge family but a young couple/ college student/ single person would be perfect. I do ask that you do one thing though, and not change her name she's 2 years old and I dont want to confuse her.